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...[Cato] used to laugh at those who delighted in such honours, saying that, although they knew it not, their pride was based simply on the work of statuaries and painters, whereas his own images, of the most exquisite workmanship, were borne about in the hearts of his fellow citizens. And to those who expressed their amazement that many men of no fame had statues, while he had none, he used to say: “ I would much rather have men ask why I have no statue, than why I have one. ” In short, he thought a good citizen should not even allow himself to be praised, unless such praise was beneficial to the commonwealth. - The Parallel Lives

The “rule” seems particularly arbitrary given that first ladies and first daughters have avidly worn shoulder-baring ensembles. Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama rocked a number of sleeveless dresses to State of the Union addresses inside the House Chamber. Ivanka Trump attended her father’s first presidential address in an off-the-shoulder dress showing what appeared to be her bra strap. And on the same day a woman was turned away from the Speaker’s Lobby for showing some shoulder, Melania Trump wore a sleeveless navy dress to meet the First Lady of Poland.

Work attire essays

work attire essays


work attire essayswork attire essayswork attire essayswork attire essays