Typewriter keys not reaching paper

The earliest Underwoods are considered collectible and will bring roughly $200; these usually say "Wagner Typewriter Co." on the back. Some collectors or people who want one old typewriter will enjoy an ordinary Underwood (which is likely to be a #5) if it's in great condition. Very nice #5's can bring $200 or so, but the average-condition Underwood (any model) is worth little. There are some attractive Underwood portables, particularly the "Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter" of 1919-29, with three rows of keys (the name is bigger than the typewriter). It's worth about $50. For more about Underwoods, click here .

As far as finding the offending part... For me it is hard to trace diagrams, and I have better luck just tracing the mechanisms back. Often I have to really peer with a flashlight and wiggle this or that until I determine what is linked to what. At that point, a diagram becomes more understandable. Often you will have to remove parts of the cover or case of the typewriter to really be able to see the connections. There is a good repair manual out there that covers various brands. Look for the Navy Typewriter Repair Manual. It probably won't comver your exact typewriter, but often the mechanisms within a particular brand are similar enough for the manual to be useful. Does the KMM have a margin release, and if so, have you tried pressing that to unlock the margin?

Typewriter keys not reaching paper

typewriter keys not reaching paper


typewriter keys not reaching papertypewriter keys not reaching papertypewriter keys not reaching papertypewriter keys not reaching paper