Their eyes were watching god essays marriage

So in essence a person devoutly religious gets the same rush of brain chemicals when they go to church and see all the iconography, the idols of Mary, and the half naked image of Christ. They get an addictive rush that binds them to the feelings of moral superiority the get by making and breaking promises each week, with the assurance that they are forgiven.
Trading one crippling addiction for another does not seem healthy nor a cure. Christianity is rooting in denying the carnal desires we evolved with. If you care to do research on your religion, you would know that early founders of the Church were ascetic and thought sex was disgusting and that marriage was a little better and preached permanent abstinence. Only the pure so to speak could be good Christians and so was born celibacy. The more I delved into the history of Christianity and its theologians, the more ridiculous its stance on sex became. Sorry, I have enjoyed porn for over 40 years. I am a multi degreed professional, raised two kids, have never accosted a woman and am no Ted Bundy. Sorry but his execution side interview with Dr. Dobson was just another example of how the man manipulated people right up to the day they fried him. Apparently the majority of people agree with me and demonstrate it with their wallets. In Europe they’ve know porn has been a healthy outlet for sexual impulses for nearly fifty years. I have been watching the theologians try to reinforce their hatred of Porn since the seventies, and they move from one scientific revelation after another trying to get some purchase in their fight, but always failing to do so. Now it isn’t that it makes you a rapist, or killer, now it turns you into a brain drug addict unable to function in normal society. That recalls the old claims in the 1800’s that masturbation would turn you into a drooling idiot. If that’s the case Catholics and Mormons with large families would be suffering from the same affliction it seems since they need to climax often in order to have so many offspring. It seems to me as a scientist that the Lord or evolution would not make orgasm inherently detrimental to the human body or psyche, that would be self defeating. Rather it is arguably up there at the top of human drives, behind food and water. Our drive to sex is why we are so successful as a species. Religion on the other hand seems to be way down there at the bottom, something people only reach for when they are scared or near death, when all the other primal drives are gone and the conclusion is foregone. Having owned a bar and seen alcoholics, you might want to know that not all alcoholics are addicted to the drug. In my experience more people who drink to excess are suffering from an underlying mental defect like bipolar disorder or depression. They can stop when their problem subsides or is treated with drugs. Most do not even know they have a problem, but drink only to cope with this unknown thing going on in their heads. My wife was one of those. So generalizations and trading one addiction for another like AA tries to get drinkers to do heals no one.

Can't believe there are still students who are forced into reading this book just to pass a course. I'm just going to get straight to the point: this book is a feministic story (sort-of anti-male) about a black woman who is conflicted with what she really wants in life. So she finds the love of her life, kills him and moves on. What makes this book so hard to read is not only the dialect it is written in, but that there is nothing I can relate to when I read it. This book may be enjoyable for a woman who is on a journey toward self-discovery

Their eyes were watching god essays marriage

their eyes were watching god essays marriage


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