Term papers on suicide

The word jigai ( 自害 ) means "suicide" in Japanese. The usual modern word for suicide is jisatsu ( 自殺 ) . Related words include jiketsu ( 自決 ) , jijin ( 自尽 ) and jijin ( 自刃 ) . [21] In some popular western texts, such as martial arts magazines, the term is associated with suicide of samurai wives. [6] The term was introduced into English by Lafcadio Hearn in his Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation , [7] an understanding which has since been translated into Japanese and Hearn seen through Japanese eyes. [8] Joshua S. Mostow notes that Hearn misunderstood the term jigai to be the female equivalent of seppuku. [9] Mostow's context is analysis of Giacomo Puccini 's Madame Butterfly and the original Cio-Cio San story by John Luther Long . Though both Long's story and Puccini's opera predate Hearn's use of the term jigai , the term has been used in relation to western japonisme which is the influence of Japanese culture on the western arts. [22]

Term papers on suicide

term papers on suicide


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