Temple medical school secondary essay

In Year 4, beginning in May of the third year, students focus on areas of interest through a large variety of electives. They are required to do a sub-internship in either pediatrics, surgery, or medicine, as well as rotations in an intensive-care unit, the emergency department, and radiology. The balance of the fourth year is given over to electives, research, and residency interviews. Available electives include multiple medical and surgical sub-specialties. Students interested in specialties like obstetrics or neurology may also elect to do a second sub-internship in these specialties.

Temple's nationally-renowned physicians now offer dozens of powerful new options for patients who, just a few years ago, were considered untreatable. Using sophisticated technologies and personalized treatments, Temple physicians are working to alter the course of serious disease. And in over a dozen research centers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University and Fox Chase Cancer Center, our faculty are speeding the transformation of fundamental scientific discoveries into practical therapies that may one day dramatically improve human health.

Temple medical school secondary essay

temple medical school secondary essay


temple medical school secondary essaytemple medical school secondary essaytemple medical school secondary essaytemple medical school secondary essay