Supernova essay

But I also think that today's scientists could be better prepared to think about and shape the societal, ethical and ecological consequences of their work. Providing biology students with some training about how to discuss science with non-scientists — an education that I have never formally been given — could be transformative. At the very least, it would make future researchers feel better equipped for the task. Knowing how to craft a compelling 'elevator pitch' to describe a study's aims or how to gauge the motives of reporters and ensure that they convey accurate information in a news story could prove enormously valuable at some unexpected point in every researcher's life.

According to Einstein and the theory of general relativity, the amount of matter in the Universe contributes to what geometry it has. Einstein theorized that matter curves the space and time around it, and therefore the whole Universe. More matter means more curvature, more curvature means that the expansion of the Universe will halt due to gravitational force. If this occurs, then Universe will implode in a Big Crunch. On the other hand, if there is insufficient matter to cause a Big Crunch, the expansion of the Universe will continue to no end.

Supernova essay

supernova essay


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