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What Is Opinion-Proof?
Opinion-Proof is a particular application of column notes . It's designed to take the power of students' own opinions about their content and harness them as tools of learning. The basic idea is that an opinion can be put forward, but it should be a supported opinion, based on ideas, facts, or concepts found within the material being studied (or based on research that a student has done). How Does It Work?
Two columns are set up for the basic Opinion-Proof chart. Label the left column "Opinion". Label the right column "Proof". Whatever opinion the teacher assigns or which students choose themselves is written in the left column. Then, support for that opinion is culled from the text, video, newspaper, story, or other source of content. Students can then use their Opinion-Proof charts to write a persuasive essay, compose an editorial suitable for a newspaper, or to prepare themselves for a classroom debate, among other things.

More systematic studies of student performance gains in private schools and the effects of competition on public school students’ performance likewise show that if vouchers have improved student learning in Milwaukee’s public schools, the effects are small. In 2006, the state of Wisconsin commissioned a group of academics to evaluate whether voucher students attending private schools (MPCP students) made larger gains in reading and mathematics over a four-year period than similar students in Milwaukee’s traditional public schools (MPS). The researchers applied Wisconsin state tests to a sample of private schools that had agreed to participate and compared the results annually with a matched set of public school students.

Student proof reading

student proof reading


student proof readingstudent proof readingstudent proof readingstudent proof reading