Stereotypes media essay

This is a pretty horrible article. The author is trying to simplify Hinduism for Western CNN readers who deserve better. There is no nuance and subtlety and she doesn't talk about major concepts that would help those unfamiliar to get a more rooted knowledge. For example, could the author possibly mention the symbolism of the bindi or "red forehead dot" representing the "third eye" or "inner guru" then just relegating it as only a fashion statement? Also, the male and female aspects of divinity (God and Goddess) are worshipped equally. Caste was originally conceived for people to make the most of their God given talents (a proper distribution of the workforce) not a birthright.

There's a sad letter on my website forum, from a 40-year-old father of two who wonders if he should leave a marriage in which he enjoys very little sex. He has averaged times a year for the previous decade. Oh yes, he's been counting! But he is also unhappy that he receives little affection or intimacy of any kind. ''Should I stay or should I go?'' he asked. He received 163 responses, mainly from men. They debated the cost of losing his family versus spending the rest of his life starved for physical love. Most argued he should leave.

Stereotypes media essay

stereotypes media essay


stereotypes media essaystereotypes media essaystereotypes media essaystereotypes media essay