Star observation essay

I, like many people had been beating myself up for years for past failures & non-accomplishments of opportunities past. One day spent reading both Carol Dweck’s theory of why we do this,& your additional, actual formula on what & how we can change why we do it is like a death sentence being lifted. I am not perfect yet, but I am now more capable of becoming capable in my eyes & therefore in my life.
Thank you
Robert L. Stevens
This is taking some privilege but, this in the vehicle I used to make my escape.
I’ve said all my good byes, my how & my why’s, have all been made good
All of my hopes & my schemes my losses & dreams, turned out just as they should
Where I go from here whether far or near is not good or bad,
but what is most important is the life that I’ve had.
So, who sees the real me? The timber of my tree, the heart of my soul?
Not, did I lose or win, where I’ve gone or where I’ve been,
judge not just the sin, but the whole.
The great truth of life, be ye man or wife, daughter or son
We will all come to the day when the soul will tell the truth, of what we have done
And when that day comes, only then can you say that you lost or you won.
Only then can you say that you lost or you won.
So, I’ll say all my good byes,because my how and my why’s have all been made good
All my hopes and my schemes my losses and dreams turned out just as they should.
Written by Robert L. Stevens

Callahan is currently attending photojournalism training at Syracuse University as part of a Department of Defense program there. Outside of his studies and his work with the Marine Corps, Callahan has started this Star Wars project. Callahan’s work does not just create a life-like and moving scene from a plastic toy, it presents a humanity to the faceless Storm Troopers and other characters that, for decades, have been faceless icons in the American consciousness. With an infantry Marine’s perspective and a talented photographer’s skills, Callahan creates spectacular battle scenes and portraits of the fighters.

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Star observation essay

star observation essay


star observation essaystar observation essaystar observation essaystar observation essay