Simon wiesenthal essay

Rev. Peter Gumpel, is a German Jesuit who is assembling documentation to support the expected beatification of Pope Pius XII. On 2001-AUG-7, he issued a statement accusing some of the Jewish historians on the Holocaust Commission of " clearly incorrect behavior ," having helped mount a " slanderous campaign " against the Roman Catholic Church. 7 He said that he had met with the group and had answered some of their questions, and offered to answer the rest at a later time. He wrote that " some Jewish members in the group had systematically affirmed that they never received answers to their questions. " He accused them of having " publicly spread the suspicion " that the Vatican was trying to hide documents " that in their judgment could be compromising. " There may be a misunderstanding between Gumpel and the Commission. Expert historians require documentary support, not just the opinion of one individual. So, answers by Rev. Gumpel would be insufficient without hard evidence to back them up.

Yeah, I'm hardly going to blame anyone, least of all a 14-year-old kid, for doing what he had to do to stay alive. If it could be shown that he was actually betraying others, turning them over to the Nazis to save his own skin, that would be different, but it doesn't sound like that was the case. Calling him a "collaborator" is a ludicrous exaggeration -- but then, it's Ann Coulter, so it's pretty much par for the course. She'd probably have called Simon Wiesenthal a Nazi collaborator if he'd written a check to the Democratic Party at some point.

Simon wiesenthal essay

simon wiesenthal essay


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