Piaget's conservation tasks essay

You’re right. In fact, last year when I was creating the Psych Mnemonics app I looked at this video again and thought the exact same thing: it’s too long. I guess when I recorded it quite a few years ago I was thinking that I wanted to carefully show the steps in this mnemonic technique to encourage students to use it to memorize other areas of psychology. But if you’re looking for a quick way to memorize Piaget’s stages, this isn’t it. The video does receive many positive comments as well, so I do hope that while it’s not short, the mnemonics at least stay with people for a long time. But, good point. In the Psych Mnemonics mobile app I created a new and much shorter version of the video.

The most important discussion to have is easy to raise, with a simple provocative question, "So does this mean all of you are stuck in pre-operational thinking?" They'll say "no." They might mention the chance element makes it confusing. But retort, "so you got confused by focusing on chance. Doesn't that mean you were centrating on the probability instead of considering all the elements? So you are thinking pre-operationally!" But they'll still put out the task has more steps and not seeing everything means you have to keep more in mind. Incidentally point out that this is called "working memory." Lead the conversation so students note that it's not about a kind of thinking but about qualities of the task. Sometime in the conversation, I reveal the caveat that the trinket game is actually a Piagetian formal operations task because we're taking the physically-apparent concrete operations and making them abstract (formal). But keep this point minimal. End class with a teaser for the next class about information processing theories by saying something like, "In our next class will see a theory that focuses in on all the particulars of tasks, called task analysis, to examines how children work with very particular processes, like working memory, in order to trace developmenta without overarching broad stages."   >   teaching   >   theory   >   piaget or information processing K. H. Grobman k h g @ d e v p s y . o r g © 2003 - 2008

Piaget's conservation tasks essay

piaget's conservation tasks essay


piaget's conservation tasks essaypiaget's conservation tasks essaypiaget's conservation tasks essaypiaget's conservation tasks essay