Phd thesis sustainable development

Each candidate will have to attend a personal interview with the PhD Program Committee to evaluate the suitability of the candidate to the PhD Program. The PhD committee comprises of at least two senior faculty members from UD in addition to the Director of the PhD program. The candidate will be advised on the outcome of his/her application within 48 hours of the interview date. Once the decision for admission has been made, the PhD Program Committee transfers the original file of the candidate to the Registration Department at UD, which will register successful applicants as UD students, subject to payment of appropriate tuition fees. Following registration, the PhD Program Office will advise each student on course selection.

This programme is designed for those whose work involves them in innovative and advanced professional or creative practice and enables them to receive academic credit for that work, assuming it is at doctoral level. Route A is for people who already have substantial evidence of that practice and enables candidates, with the help and advice of academic and professional supervisors, to select the most appropriate evidence for inclusion in their submission and to prepare a 10–15,000-word critical commentary which contextualises, analyses and makes the case for the publications to be considered as an original and independent contribution to knowledge and therefore justify the award of a PhD.

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Phd thesis sustainable development

phd thesis sustainable development


phd thesis sustainable developmentphd thesis sustainable developmentphd thesis sustainable developmentphd thesis sustainable development