Phd thesis biotechnology

This PhD program is designed to harness traditional medicine knowledge from the practitioners in communities for possible scientific interpretation, documentation, validation, standardization, and development into the curriculum for training in traditional medicine at undergraduate and master level. The research will focus on practitioners’ understanding of health and disease, their diagnosis of disease, treatment, and prevention of disease as well as materials used and their preparation methods and precautions.
Admission Requirements: Applicants must have Master of Science or M. Med (or equivalent) degree in a field related to Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Clinical Pharmacy, Public Health, and Epidemiology.

Hi Tanmoy
You are doing a great job by helping people in need….I really appreciate what you are doing.
I too had a have just completed my 12th std and i am planning to do my bachelor’s in biomedical science from Australia. Is that a good option? I also intend to stay back there only as i have many family members there. In addition to that, job opportunities for biomedical graduates also seem to be very poor. Is it possible to earn those 60 PR points in the duration of student visa?…..I have also tried calculating my PR points but different websites show different results.
Your reply will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Phd thesis biotechnology

phd thesis biotechnology


phd thesis biotechnologyphd thesis biotechnologyphd thesis biotechnologyphd thesis biotechnology