Homework help and cursive

Stop teaching people cursive writing. That way we old fogies will have our own secret encrypted way of communicating in a way that modern "technocrats" will not be able to understand. On a different note, having been exposed to the god-awful spelling and grammar on forums like Facebook, I am one that prefers cursive wrinting and I challenge any type-writer or keyboqard user to beat me for speed and produce legible grammatically correct and spelling-error free documents. Enough said. May I suggest you get another more useful hobby-horse ?

I  have a story to tell you. It’s not a very… normal story. Unless you consider pirates and tribes of scary men who hunt antelope, hiding out illegally with an Australian family, and trying to protect and rescue your brother who almost dies from the flu normal. But, if you want to learn an important life lesson, this is the book for you. Nora Simpson always wanted excitement in her life, being a boring, geeky schoolkid with an annoying brother. But the excitement she got was not the kind she hoped for. After being ship wrecked, or plane wrecked, she is stranded with her brother. On the brink of death, Nora realizes how much her life is worth living for, and is pulled closer to her brother. Did Nora change for good? Will the two siblings ever return home? There is only one way to find out.

I honestly cannot remember how to write in cursive for any words besides my name. I took some spelling a class in elementary, but that was almost 10 years ago. I don’t believe it is something that is of an importance because it basically is just a style of writing. It is not necessary today to write like that; there really isn’t a reason to. You write how you want to write and as long as you know how to sign your name in cursive you’ll be just fine. I am not required to write in cursive in any class and haven’t been for years. I have the worst hand writing ever, just because I want to get things done and out of the way instead of trying to make it extremely neat. If you have quality work with crappy hand writing it doesn’t really matter. I get told my penmanship needs work all the time, but I don’t believe it is a necessity to work on it. I would type everything just because I can type a lot faster than I can write which means I get things done even quicker. Plus its way easier to type your thoughts as they come because I tend to think about things a lot faster than I can write.

Homework help and cursive

homework help and cursive


homework help and cursivehomework help and cursivehomework help and cursivehomework help and cursive