Hkdse english paper 4

For each element of Part B, along with assessing how well you have answered the question, language, organisation / coherence, appropriacy can also improve your score. For language, you can get points depending on how well you use grammar, pronouns, spelling and reference words. Organisation refers to how you structure your answer: o rganise your answers in a logical way, making sure you answer the question . Remember the linking sentences between each paragraph should be coherent. Appropriacy forces you to consider the situation on a personal level. You should write your answer in an appropriate register, tone and style. If you were a restaurant manager and the question asks you to write a letter in reply to a customer complaint, try to comfort the customer. For example, you could write: “We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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Hkdse english paper 4

hkdse english paper 4


hkdse english paper 4hkdse english paper 4hkdse english paper 4hkdse english paper 4