Group project peer evaluation

PMSG assists companies of all sizes with special project management tasks.  Whether your company is running over budget, missing deadlines, falling short on quality, or is behind the curve on information technology, PMSG can get you moving in the right direction.
An executive member will work with you one on one to provide the attention necessary for your project’s success.  Our team of certified project management professionals will integrate the latest management trends with sophisticated technology tools to bring calm to your project chaos. We bring tremendous clarity to your projects allowing you to focus on your next growth opportunity.

Peer assessment certainly has a place in education/training. Once someone is in the work force their evaluations are based on a rubric or peer review. If k-12 educators used more rubric and peer review assessments students would be better prepared for life after school. This would also force educators to think more deeply about how and what to assess. As a middle/high school teacher I now how easy it is to throw together a 10 item multiple choice quiz that has no validity in finding out what students know and what I need to do to adjust my curriculum.

Group project peer evaluation

group project peer evaluation


group project peer evaluationgroup project peer evaluationgroup project peer evaluationgroup project peer evaluation