Greatest achievement essay sample

Let’s start brainstorming – How did you improve ‘things’ while you were working at your previous jobs?
For example:
• Great initiatives and fresh ideas.
• Have you shaken old methods?
• Developed a new program.
• Target sales, new sales.
• Reached new clients?
• Developed a new customer satisfaction procedure?
• Improved the accuracy of budget forecasts?
• New design on time-schedule.
• Achieved project goals.
• Established good working relationships with customers.
• Great team work.
• Established new quality standards.

Jimmy Carter received both praise and condemnation for his second book on the Middle East conflict, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid (2006). He recounted his life after leaving office in a 2007 memoir, Beyond the White House , and paid a moving tribute to Lillian Carter in A Remarkable Mother (2008). In Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis (2005), he returned to the theme of morality in political leadership. From the day he entered public life, his commitment to the ideal of moral leadership has been a consistent theme in his public acts and statements. It has given Jimmy Carter a unique standing among all those who have held the office of President of the United States.

Greatest achievement essay sample

greatest achievement essay sample


greatest achievement essay samplegreatest achievement essay samplegreatest achievement essay samplegreatest achievement essay sample