Gilded age essay

By the twentieth century, the rise of big business and the large migration of Americans from the countryside to the cities caused a shift in political awareness, as elected officials saw the need to address the growing economic and social problems that developed along with the urban boom. So started the Progressive movement. Progressives believed that the government needed to take a strong, proactive role in the economy, regulating big business, immigration, and urban growth. These middle-class reformers hoped ultimately to regain control of the government from special interests like the railroads and trusts and pass effective legislation to protect consumers, organized labor, and minorities.

Although the times from 1870-1890 were fiscally dominant the politics in which business was executed was not for the faint of heart. The term “Gilded” is expressed by Mark Twain means “covered with a layer of gold, but it also suggests that a glittering surface covers a core of little real value and is therefore deceptive. ”[1] During this time of Economic surplus the politics of business became very corrupt and the scales were balanced in order to benefit the few as opposed to the many. Need essay sample on "Gilded Age" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Gilded age essay

gilded age essay


gilded age essaygilded age essaygilded age essaygilded age essay