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Once again you fail to simply read scripture. The passage in Kings takes place before the temple is built while the passage in Chronicles takes place many years later. (II Chronicles 9:25 is closer in time to I Kings 10:26 as is evident by the visit of the Queen of Sheba.) Moreover, there is a distinction in the two passages in that the II Chronicles 9:25 states he had 4,000 stalls for horses AND CHARIOTS. It appears that there were 10 men and 10 horses per chariot. (Compare II Sam 10:18 and I Chronicles 19:18 to see that the men of 700 chariots would be 7000 fighters.)

Great article and a lot of useful tips for people that haven’t been to conferences before. I liked the section about how to spend your time and recently was reading http:///blog/articles/event-planning/10-things-never-conference-according-experts/ , where Allie Siarto said “Don’t go to networking events with friends. Too often, people are intimidated by networking events, so they ask friends to come along. Then they spend the whole event talking to no one but the people they already know. I try to make a point to go to networking events by myself when I can. This forces me to branch out and meet new people, and I’ve made some really amazing connections this way.”

Castoriadis also developed more specific criticisms of Marx’s economic assumptions. Indeed, as early as 1959’s “Modern Capitalism and Revolution” ( Political and Social Writings II 226-315) he attacked Marx’s method of treating workers as though they were cogs in the machine of capitalism. Marx, he argued, failed to consider the importance of the unplanned, contingent actions of the proletariat, actions powerful enough to save a company from mismanagement or to lead it into disaster. In other words, Marx’s analysis of capitalism was too deterministic. The creative decisions of workers are not strictly subject to capital’s laws. Rather, workers sustain or destroy capitalism itself through their own actions. As such, workers' actions—singularly and collectively—can lead to changes in the very laws of the system.

Essays on cornelius vanderbilt

essays on cornelius vanderbilt


essays on cornelius vanderbiltessays on cornelius vanderbiltessays on cornelius vanderbiltessays on cornelius vanderbilt