Essays in occultism spiritism and demonology

Welcome to the Kheper website. The word Kheper means evolution , metamorphosis , transformation , coming into being. But the rambling nature of this website, established in 1998, means that there are many topics to explore. Because my own worldview and interests have changed somewhat in the more than a decade the site has been up, there is obviously a difference in emphasis between some of the older and newer pages. The following links give a few possible starting points, but there is no reason to limit yourself to those; I have more at the main topics page or the Search page. So, please enjoy, and if you find your favourite subject is not listed, let me know and I'll see if I can add it.

From its inception, the Seven-Fold Way was intended to see most fail, to see most crumble under pressure, by a reluctance to try again, by carelessness leading to mental or physical injury or destruction. It should be clear to any objective and intelligent student of the materials (not to speak to a practitioner, I presume) that personal discernment is the foremost of all ONA requirements, once a holistic and balanced view of its rather wide assortment of ideas throughout the decades has been at least partially digested. To even suggest that the failure of many (most?) ONA would-be initiates is a sign of failure of the system, or to suppose that the bickering between ONA-inspired/derived groups implies an alarming state of affairs threatening to take it down, is to not to be able to see beyond the proverbial nose.


  • Aquino, Michael, co-founder and former High Priest of TOS (b XX-XX-1946)
    "The Book of Coming Forth By Night"
  • 'Balanone' ([email protected]):
    "has been an active member of the Temple of Set since early 1976, and so is intimately familiar with Setian philosophy and practice." Balanone TOS FAQ Supplemental: Balanone's TOS FAQ http:///
    Balanone's TOS REF http:///
  • Cabal, Alan - member
  • Schreck, Nikolas (b Barry Dublin/Dubin) - member 1995-2002
  • Schreck, Zeena (b Zeena Galatea LaVey 11-19-1964(63?) - member 1995-2002
  • Sinclair, Lilith (b 04-21-1942)

Essays in occultism spiritism and demonology

essays in occultism spiritism and demonology


essays in occultism spiritism and demonologyessays in occultism spiritism and demonologyessays in occultism spiritism and demonologyessays in occultism spiritism and demonology