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Most of the mainstream American newspapers and news magazines gave the book positive reviews. However, a second wave of reviews in more highbrow literary outlets were more critical. Some of this more pointed criticism, mixed with praise for Wolfe's style, came from established American novelists, including John Updike and Norman Mailer . In addition, novelist John Irving criticized Wolfe's novel during an interview on a Canadian television program. Wolfe countered this criticism in his book Hooking Up , calling the three authors his "three stooges" who were actually shaken by the support he received. The novelists, he claimed, were threatened by the success of his technique - writing a novel based on reporting techniques - and were failing to engage the world around them. According to Mailer's review, the book had sold over 750,000 copies by December 1998. [1]

Since 2010, Rama has been married to Lindita "Linda" Rama (née Basha, formerly Xhillari), an economist and civil society activist. [42] Mrs. Rama, is a graduate of the University of Tirana and holds a Master of Arts in Economy and is a Doctor of Sciences in Economy. Until 1998 she has worked in high levels of public administration including the Head of the National Privatization Agency. She has a long academic experience as a lecturer in International Finance at the University of Tirana and a lecturer of Public Policies in the European University of Tirana. She is the author of several scientific researches and publications in her field. Together they have a son, Zaho, [43] born in 2014. Edi Rama is also known as a well now supporter of Partizani Tirana and the Albanian national football team .

Critical essays mayor casterbridge

critical essays mayor casterbridge


critical essays mayor casterbridgecritical essays mayor casterbridgecritical essays mayor casterbridgecritical essays mayor casterbridge