Can you trust the media essay

In conclusion the Medias specific role in politics and society is informing us through persuasion always trying to influence us in our decisions. That is why media should have more clearly defined restrictions as to what they can write or cannot write. The media should be obligated to tell the truth and not manufacture or elaborate stories, even if it does not sound as good. Even though most of the television news stations are owned by wealthy individuals, they should not be so biased. The media and the politicians only want us to see what a perfect world we live in, so they tend to hide the truth or work their way around it. We can also conclude that the media has positive and negative things and that is good to read, listen or see the news but most importantly what I recommend is not to believe everything they tell us because they always come with a twist so just make your own decisions based on what you believe in and not letting yourself be influenced by anything. Through this essay we also saw the different types of media and their roles and how in the future the internet is going to be the most important type of media since it allows us to send information and receive information. Finally I recommend to the media to focus a little bit more in peace coverage's than on violent news even though they sell better.

5. I agree with Jay on something happening when the trade became a profession. It seems to me that when it was a trade, more people practices it with integrity. And, though many lists of the principles of the profession and the ethics of the profession have been developed in the last 30 years, it seems to me that the corporate journalist media have developed them more to create the appearance of integrity and to explain why “In this case, that principle doesn’t apply” [similar to the way journalists have contributed to the erosion of the constitution and civil rights by NOT, as a group, raising any kind of fuss about it] than to actually live up to them. I put little of the blame on journalists as individuals. It is difficult to not live up to the unstated conditions of your employment, as Chris Boese shows us above.

Can you trust the media essay

can you trust the media essay


can you trust the media essaycan you trust the media essaycan you trust the media essaycan you trust the media essay