Bressay lighthouse

On 15 December 1955, RAF Bristol Sycamore helicopter XG501, crewed by Flight Sergeant P. A. Beart and Sergeant E. F. Hall, departed from RAF Leuchars at 09:35 to perform a sea-winching exercise at the Bell Rock lighthouse. At approximately 10:00, the helicopter's tail rotor struck the anemometer on the top of the lighthouse, and as a result the aircraft crashed into the sea. The incident was witnessed by the crew of a second helicopter that immediately transmitted a distress call and flew to the scene of the crash. In response to the distress signal, four aircraft, a further two Sycamore helicopters, an RAF rescue launch and three lifeboats searched the area, recovering the body of XG501's navigator; the body of the pilot was not recovered. The lighthouse was damaged, including the loss of its light, but its keepers were uninjured. Owing to bad weather, the lighthouse could not be repaired until after 20 December, when conditions permitted the delivery of supplies. [1] [22]

We were very fortunate at having owned the magnificent buildings at the Strathy Point Lighthouse Compound many years ago. Then the Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouses came up for sale and we were lucky enough to buy those. Prior to owning these amazing buildings at the beacons of life, we were able to lease the lighthouse buildings on Davaar Island for several years. So all of this is kind of in the old DNA. The love of lighthouse living has never gone away. The purpose of this website is to help others enjoy a lighthouse adventure. We had no regrets - and neither should you. Please use this website as much as you need to, in order to achieve the desires of your heart and build a new life in one of the most spectacular settings that you can imagine - a lighthouse building. Whether it is the very rare Beacon Tower, or the more readily available Lighthouse Keepers' Houses, do it. If in doubt, then take a vacation or even lease one of the many lighthouse holiday destinations listed for a week, two weeks, or even 6 months. That is a very good idea, as lighthouse living can be dramatic, and possibly not to everyone's taste. Iif you love the holiday/short term lease lease, then consider buying a lighthouse building. If you didn't have a good holiday, then hey, at least you can say you've had a lighthouse experience! Lastly, please let us know how you get on? We just love talking to fellow lighthouse dwelling eccentrics.

Bressay lighthouse

bressay lighthouse


bressay lighthousebressay lighthousebressay lighthousebressay lighthouse