Art devany evolutionary fitness essay

I do think your ‘low self esteem’ comment is off base and disappointing. I have very high self esteem, as do most of the vegans I know. I don’t consider myself worth less than a cow, but I do consider a cow worth more than a convenient diet for myself. There are ways to live a long and fully healthy life as a vegan, although I do believe there is an off chance it will shorten my life simply due to lack of clear evidence/knowledge on the subject… particularly if I am not careful with my diet. That is a sacrifice I am willing to make for the countless animals that will not suffer and die for my direct consumption though. Supplements are no different than other dietary elements… you just have to be conscious of what you are eating.

And stress? Life in his era might be called short and brutish, but we think that?s not the full story. Laborious, yes. Taxing, yes. Precarious, yes. Strenuous and at times perilous, but not defined by the chronic stress to which we moderns often find ourselves chained. Grok and his kind ? by necessity ? lived primarily in the moment addressing this need, this meal, this danger. It was a life of simple sustenance, but he lived and worked within a family and tribe to share the load. And in between these efforts, he was also free to live, rest and enjoy his own moments of peace walking by a river or sitting by the fire. A short life? For most, yes. A brutish life? Some of the time. But Grok?s life, for all its uncertainty and simplicity, also offered the basic human enjoyments of happiness, family, quiet, even beauty. As arduous as Grok and his clan?s life was, there was a certain freedom in living for daily sustenance rather than for future acquisition. As imminent as death might have been in his world, it?s also true that those of his era rarely lived a day in ill-health.

I took the success of my idea, directly, to help Mr. Daniels less than three weeks later. He was high risk for developing an infection, because he was a fragile diabetic, and the proposed procedure he was having had a high complication rate in his case. In a healthy human, this operation would call for a 5-7 day recovery in the hospital with a 3 −4 week stay in a rehab facility. During this time he would be on high dose narcotics to control his pain. This alone could lead to other new problems like bowel obstruction or mental confusion or a fall. The total recovery for this operation is 3-6 months in a normal person. In Mr. Daniels case, he might never recover, or be worse off. Mr. Daniels knew all this going in and told me he could no longer live the life he was living.

Art devany evolutionary fitness essay

art devany evolutionary fitness essay


art devany evolutionary fitness essayart devany evolutionary fitness essay