Air guitar essays on art & democracy pdf

Here Comes the Sun -- it's one of George Harrison's contributions to Abbey Road (1969). And, among the many great Beatles' songs, it's my sentimental favorite. While we're feeling sentimental, let me bring you this -- Dhani Harrison, the son of the late guitarist, returns to the recording studio (presumably at Abbey Road) with George Martin, the Beatles' legendary producer, and Martin's son Giles. Together, they play with the mix of "Here Comes the Sun," and then the wondrous little moment of discovery happens. They stumble upon the long lost guitar solo that never made the final cut. It's a pleasure to see.

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Air guitar essays on art & democracy pdf

air guitar essays on art & democracy pdf


air guitar essays on art & democracy pdfair guitar essays on art & democracy pdfair guitar essays on art & democracy pdfair guitar essays on art & democracy pdf